The Tom Lea Institute

You are invited to contribute to the Tom Lea Institute, insuring that Tom Lea’s work is shared more widely and preserved for generations to come. Please call 915 533-0048 for more information.

All gifts are tax deductible.


Adair Margo, FOUNDER, El Paso
Micki Vonnegut Costello, CHAIRMAN, Fredericksburg, VA
James H. Clement, Jr., Dallas
J. P. Bryan, Houston
Jan Bullock, Austin
Laura Bush, Dallas
Bruce Cole, Washington, D.C.
Woody Hunt, El Paso
Anne Sewell Johnson, Washington, D.C.
William Kiely, Spicewood
James D. Lea, EMERITUS, Houston
Anne-Imelda Radice, New York, NY
Tania Schwartz, El Paso
Catherine Lea Weeks, Houston
Pamela Pitzer Willeford, Austin